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Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, & Family Law Attorney in Lubbock, TX

One accident, one argument, one mistake — that can be all it takes to change your life forever. Fortunately, you don’t have to try and set things right all on your own. I am here to guide you through the legal aspects of your situation, to create options where it feels like you have none, and to fight for what’s right for you both in and out of the courtroom.

Austin Carrizales

Activist & Attorney at Law

Lubbock is my home, and I care about the people in my community. That’s why I protect their rights at work, and it’s also why I recently ran for state representative of District 84. In both of these roles, I am striving to restore West Texas values by representing the everyday person and giving a voice to our minorities (who, in fact, make up about 52% of our population).

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The Court Experience You Need in Your Criminal, Injury, or Family Case

Getting nervous about your situation is perfectly normal, especially if you aren’t all that familiar with the legal process. But don’t worry — I am. Part of my job is doing everything I can to put your mind at ease, and that includes answering your questions, proactively helping you solve problems, and representing you in court.

Answering Your Questions

Nothing adds stress to a situation like feeling unprepared or uninformed. That’s why I make a point of proactively preparing you for every possibility in your case. Beyond that, I make sure you have a few ways to contact me should any other questions come up.

Whether you’re dealing with a criminal charge, an injury, or a family law dispute, I know how overwhelmed you must feel. The way I see it, being here for you when you need me is the least I can do to lift some of that weight off your shoulders.

Proactive Problem Solving

My philosophy — in life and in law — has always centered on proactive problem-solving. When I see an issue, I don’t sit back and wait for it to impact me personally. I step toward the problem and do what I can to solve it for the sake of those it already affects. In terms of your case, this means that I will always be thinking about how each decision we make impacts your future. When it’s all said and done, I want you to come away from your legal issue as well off as possible in terms of your health, well-being, and financial standing.

Representing You in Court

Going to court can be nerve-racking for clients, especially when a criminal charge is involved. But rest assured, you will be entering into that courtroom with an experienced and locally respected litigator at your side who’s ready to fight for your best interests.