Personal Injury

PI 1-carYou just picked up your children from school and decide to surprise them by taking them for ice cream. As you drive downslide road, the driver of a semi-truck runs a red light, crashing into your SUV. You wake up on the way to the hospital in an ambulance and you immediately begin to worry about your children and you ask the EMS “what happened?”

During times like this, the last thing you want to worry PI 2-car accidentabout are issues like: How do you fix your car? Who is going to pay the medical bills you and your family incurred at no fault of your own? How do you recover the lost wages while you attend physical therapy so you can get back to work? Times like this require an attorney who will give you personal attention during your time of need.

Choose an attorney with West Texas values. Choose me, Austin Carrizales.


  • SEMI ACCIDENTS - As a semi-truck accident attorney, I am experienced in personal injury cases involving semi-trucks.
  • CAR ACCIDENTS - As a car accident lawyer, I am also experienced in representing clients in car/vehicle accidents.
  • DRUNK DRIVER ACCIDENTS - Cases against persons operating a motor vehicle while one's blood alcohol content is above the legal limit set by statute.
  • OILFIELD INJURIES - Work-related injuries dealing with or located on oilfield locations.
  • WRONGFUL DEATH - Civil action in which damages are PI 3-pumpjacksought against a party for causing a death, typically when criminal action has failed or is not attempted.
  • MOST PERSONAL INJURIES - I have wide experience in the field of personal injury law in the Lubbock, Texas area. Contact me for more information on what I can do for you.